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Portland Window's Poly-Tex 3500 windows let you personalize and beautify your home while increasing its value. It will become more comfortable, quiet, and secure... and you'll be free from tedious window maintenance.
Our Poly-Tex windows come in such a broad variety of styles, sizes and colors that you're sure to find the perfect windows for your home...whether it's traditional or contemporary...new or old! You can match an existing window style or create a new look with Poly-Tex double hungs, sliders, picture windows, casements,bows, circle tops--even custom shapes.
Your Poly-Tex 3500 windows will be custom-made to fit precisely and operate perfectly. This ensures a smooth installation without costly construction changes or performance problems due to improper fit. With draft freePoly-Tex windows, room temperatures will be more evenly maintained and heating and cooling expenses controlled.
Poly-Tex windows will make every room brighter and cozier while adding a beautiful look to your home's exterior. And, their superior energy-saving performance will help to repay your wise investment.

1.Air Infiltration Control. Unique, molded-in, flexible vinyl ridges hold the glass firmly in place while allowing the glazing to adjust to changing temperatures. This provides superior resistance to air infiltration.
2. Multi-Chambered Construction. Sash and frame design creates internal insulating air spaces. Window strength and durability are increased and your home is quieter, and more comfortable.
3. Dual Weatherstripping Continuous, double wool pile surronds the sash preventing drafts and cold spots while enhancing comfort and energy efficiency!
4. Extra-Strong Corners. Our "corner-key" construction precisely joins and locks sash components to create smooth and attractive corners that stop air infiltration.
5. High-Efficiency Glazing. The Poly-Tex windows 7/8" glazing is 25% thicker than glazing in most new home windows. Low-E glass and other high performance options are available.
Weather-Tight Locking System. This innovative design securely locks your Poly-Tex 3500 windows while pulling the sash together for a superior weathertight seal.
Trouble-Free Balance System. The Strength and simplicity of our stainless steel spiral balance assures a lifetime of smooth, quiet operation.
6. Weatherweld Option. Efficient fusion-welded sashes are also available.

Colors include White, Almond and Brown/White

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